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Icky Takeaway Dinner

28 Jan

Hubs went out with the boys tonight and I didn’t feel like cooking for one, so I asked him to get me some Pad Thai for dinner.

We live in a predominantly Greek area, so there were only two Thai takeaway shops nearby (Thai Terrace and Red Mango). Thai Terrace’s fax kept picking up our phone call so we rang Red Mango.

Red Mango’s Pad Thai was more expensive ($14.50) so although I haven’t tried Thai Terrace yet, I still have some expectations. Now I’m not a food critic nor am I a food expert, all I know is that I love food especially good food… so this isn’t a food review – just plain sharing of experience.

Well… the Pad Thai wasn’t worth $14.50. First off, it had snow peas! Snow peas!? Seriously… apart from that I felt that the cook just threw in whatever veg he could get his hands into. It also had snake beans, tomato quarters and large slices of carrots. The dish also lacked in taste (and by taste I mean the combination of sweet, sour and salty) which they masked by putting lots of fish sauce. Although I like my food a bit saltier than normal, this was really salty. I also felt that the egg in the dish wasn’t fresh – like it was leftovers from yesterdays batch. On the upside it did have five large prawns.. but apart from that, hunger was the main reason why I finished the dish. All in all… you guessed it – I won’t get anything from that place again. I will still try Thai Terrace though – just to check.


Let’s give this a shot…

27 Jan

First Entry :

What do I write about?


Wow I didn’t think it would be this hard. Too much pressure to make this special, it is my first entry after all…

Well, I’ve been reading heaps of blogs and thought “I could do that as well”. It would be nice to be able to record my thoughts and experiences and have something to look back on when I’m old and grey. Also, I just recently became a mum and have lots of “free time” (right…) on my hands. And who knows maybe someone somewhere can be entertained by my entries… or learn a lesson or two… or better yet maybe broaden my circle of friends!!!

Hopefully, someone.. (anyone?) can join me in this new journey.