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Balut in Red Wine Sauce

28 Feb
  • I just joined the Kulinarya Cooking Club :

Kulinarya was started by a group of Filipino foodies living in Sydney, who are passionate about the Filipino culture and it’s colourful cuisine.  Each month we will showcase a new dish along with their family recipes.  By sharing these recipes we hope you find the same passion and love for Filipino food as we do.

And for the month of February the theme is (was…) Aphrodisiac foods! When I first read the theme all I could think of was – papaya helps to repel any urges and balut. And so I decided to make a balut dish… problem is my hubs was always busy and it makes me a bit guilty to make something that he loves and eat it alone.. also as much as I love eating balut – I couldn’t eat the “sisiw” (little duckie) and thus the late entry (I do promise to try better next month). This isn’t an original concept, I had this during my last visit to Manila and my dad who doesn’t normally eat anything “new” loved it, so thought I’d recreate it for this month’s theme.

So here’s what you need :

Balut – how many pieces totally depend on your appetite

Batter  (I used a tempura batter but omitted the egg, as I thought egg on egg is a bit redundant)

  • 1 cup iced water
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup corn flour

Red Wine Sauce

  • 30 g butter
  • 1 medium brown onion, finely chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 1/2 cup dry red wine
  • 1 cup beef stock

First off, you peel the balut and dip it in batter. Then you fry them just until they’re a bit golden.

For the sauce – melt the butter then saute the onion till it’s soft. Add the garlic until fragrant. Next put the red wine and bring to a boil and simmer for five minutes. Lastly add the beef stock, again bring to a boil and simmer for 8-10 minutes.

Drizzle the balut with the sauce and EAT!

On a side note, hubs loved it so much that two eggs were inhaled within five minutes!!!



EDSA Revolution

25 Feb

I was six years old when it happened. I remember being at EDSA with my parents and even at a young age knowing that something important was happening. They told me that we were making history happen and that nothing is impossible if the Filipinos unite for a common cause – which back then was to overthrow the Marcos dictatorship.

Flash forward to 2001, I was already working – barely a year out of college. This time the people wanted Estrada out. Again, I was on the streets of EDSA “fighting” for my beliefs, I would go straight after work to join in the rally. In my heart, I truly believed that I was doing something good – something for my country.

Soon after,  another revolution (this time unsuccessful) to overthrow the Arroyo government happened – some call it EDSA III, although others dismiss it saying it wasn’t in the same spirit as the previous EDSAs (revolution).

Today the Philippines is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution, which is claimed to have spearheaded peaceful revolutions around the world (one of which is the most recent happenings in Egypt). I don’t know enough about history to contradict this, but my question is… Was EDSA really worth it?

The Filipinos fought for freedom, but are we really free? Freedom is defined as liberty or independence. It also means that the people should be entitled to enjoy their human rights, which include – food, clothing,shelter and I must also add education to this list (it’s a citizen’s right not a privilege). But the Philippines is still one of the worst poverty-stricken nations in the world – people die of hunger, illiteracy is growing and squatting continues to be a problem. More than ever, Filipinos are leaving their families and risking life and limb to work  overseas. The present government (which coincidentally is now headed by Cory’s son Noynoy) has done nothing so far (save for the much publicised “wangwangs” and his colourful lovelife) with nepotism and corruption ever present.

So again was EDSA really worth it? Maybe we should blaming the government and have a hard long look at ourselves – since we put them in their seats anyway. Perhaps we should have chosen better? Do we have to jump in every bandwagon? Are we too much of a sheep – that we just go wherever the herd is headed? Are we too fickle? Do we have a short attention span? Are we addicted to instant gratification? Are we too easy to forget? Too complacent? Or do we just don’t care?


Cookies… (Chocolate Crinkles and Mexican Wedding Cookies)

17 Feb

It was my turn to host our weekly Mummy Meet and although I could have easily bought some TimTams, I used this event as an excuse to bake (not that you need any really!).  I thought cookies would be easy to make and easy for the mummies to eat (while handling a crying baby)…

I remember my first crinkle.. it was from an eatery right outside my College – Hungry Pac. They sell burgers and..uhmmm crinkles! When I started working (back in Filo land) I learnt that they actually have some sort of “following” as people from my office actually know about it and do trips to Mendiola just to get them. And then… later on I saw that they started doing stalls in malls i.e Glorietta Foodcourt! Anyhooo….

I first decided to make these when I joined the bake club at work. I thought go “ethnic” so they have no point of comparison! (hehe!) Well, they’re not really a Filipino recipe (American I think) but they’re not known to Australians. So off I went and with the aid of my friend google.. found this recipe online

They were a hit! And the continue to be!!! I think me and crinkles will be spending a lot of time together!

I had Mexican Wedding Cookies at my Spanish Class’ end of term party. One of my classmates brought them over and I fell in love!

I know.. I know they’re supposed to be round like balls.. but I wanted to use my polvoron shaper – so there!

And it seems like I can’t do URL links.. hmmm.. better work on my techknowledge (for now… just copy and paste! sorry)


Kimchi Grandma

14 Feb

Valentines Day…

We’re not much of a Valentine couple – as in we do go out and try to do something but we don’t go overboard (doesn’t need to be a fancy dinner or lavish gifts) although I must say hubs has been very good with the flowers since we’ve been together… hehe!

This V day wasn’t much different. We didn’t book anything (we weren’t actually planning on going out) but hubs came home and decided that we should. So off we trooped with new daughter in tow and drove around our area – no such luck! Went to Carnegie and remembered wanting to eat at Kimchi Grandma but have been turned down several times as they were always full. I’ve been to the one in the CBD several times (which has now closed down) and have been told that Carnegie is their flagship branch.

As luck would have it (we had cupid on our side) we immediately got a table. Hubs wanted to order his usual Korean fare of Seafood Pancake and Bibimbap but I said we should have something different – it’s Valentines afterall!

I’ve been told that a good Korean restaurant provides 3 or more side dishes and that you can see the restaurant’s quality based on how good the side dishes are..

I dunno what each one is called (apart from the Kimchi) but they were all yummy. I specially love the potatoes which I thought would be sweet but it had a sweet fishy flavour.

We ordered Prawn balls for entree…

It was good but would try something else next time.  For the mains we ordered Gal-bi (beef spareribs) and Nak-ji-bo-keum (stirfried baby octopus).
















Yum! Hubs found the baby octopus spicy (he was sweating) but I thought it was just right (my chili-tolerance is really high, mind you). We didn’t go for dessert (not sure if they had some anyway) as we were really full. All in all a really good dinner and would definitely come back for more.

Filipino food-dreaming…

4 Feb

It’s only been a few weeks since I came back and I miss Pinas already!!! Especially the food…

One thing that Filipinos look forward to when going back to the homeland, apart from seeing family and friends, is eating! I know that most Filipino dishes can be made here as most ingredients are available from the Asian markets (with a little creativity) but eating it back home makes it a bit.. I dunno.. yummier!

Because I went home during the Christmas season, putobumbong was a must!

I also had the “staples” i.e balut, kakanin, halohalo (from Razons.. they only have 4 ingredients vs the normal 175 one but man..!) and my favourite Selecta Double Dutch icecream (although Oz has now branched out from Neapolitan and now has different flavours of chocolate i.e Choco Chip, Double Choco and Chocopolitan! Why can’t they introduce more flavours!?! Good thing Ben&Jerry’s are now widely available.. but I digress and shall stop now!)

I also discovered some modern Filipino-fusion-type treats..

(Lechon Pizza and Frozen Brazo with vanilla icecream)

And of course you haven’t gone home if you didn’t have these fab Pinoy chicken dishes

(Clockwise : Jollibee Chickenjoy, Aristocrat Chicken BBQ and Bacolod Chicken Inasal)

Breakfast favorites

(Tapsilog from Bizu and Longganiza Breakfast Meal from Jollibee)

I also went to some weekend Foodie markets, fab modern Filipino restaurants and did the Binondo Food Wok tour! But I must save those for another blog entry as my lovely daughter is now trying to get my attention.