Filipino food-dreaming…

4 Feb

It’s only been a few weeks since I came back and I miss Pinas already!!! Especially the food…

One thing that Filipinos look forward to when going back to the homeland, apart from seeing family and friends, is eating! I know that most Filipino dishes can be made here as most ingredients are available from the Asian markets (with a little creativity) but eating it back home makes it a bit.. I dunno.. yummier!

Because I went home during the Christmas season, putobumbong was a must!

I also had the “staples” i.e balut, kakanin, halohalo (from Razons.. they only have 4 ingredients vs the normal 175 one but man..!) and my favourite Selecta Double Dutch icecream (although Oz has now branched out from Neapolitan and now has different flavours of chocolate i.e Choco Chip, Double Choco and Chocopolitan! Why can’t they introduce more flavours!?! Good thing Ben&Jerry’s are now widely available.. but I digress and shall stop now!)

I also discovered some modern Filipino-fusion-type treats..

(Lechon Pizza and Frozen Brazo with vanilla icecream)

And of course you haven’t gone home if you didn’t have these fab Pinoy chicken dishes

(Clockwise : Jollibee Chickenjoy, Aristocrat Chicken BBQ and Bacolod Chicken Inasal)

Breakfast favorites

(Tapsilog from Bizu and Longganiza Breakfast Meal from Jollibee)

I also went to some weekend Foodie markets, fab modern Filipino restaurants and did the Binondo Food Wok tour! But I must save those for another blog entry as my lovely daughter is now trying to get my attention.


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