Kimchi Grandma

14 Feb

Valentines Day…

We’re not much of a Valentine couple – as in we do go out and try to do something but we don’t go overboard (doesn’t need to be a fancy dinner or lavish gifts) although I must say hubs has been very good with the flowers since we’ve been together… hehe!

This V day wasn’t much different. We didn’t book anything (we weren’t actually planning on going out) but hubs came home and decided that we should. So off we trooped with new daughter in tow and drove around our area – no such luck! Went to Carnegie and remembered wanting to eat at Kimchi Grandma but have been turned down several times as they were always full. I’ve been to the one in the CBD several times (which has now closed down) and have been told that Carnegie is their flagship branch.

As luck would have it (we had cupid on our side) we immediately got a table. Hubs wanted to order his usual Korean fare of Seafood Pancake and Bibimbap but I said we should have something different – it’s Valentines afterall!

I’ve been told that a good Korean restaurant provides 3 or more side dishes and that you can see the restaurant’s quality based on how good the side dishes are..

I dunno what each one is called (apart from the Kimchi) but they were all yummy. I specially love the potatoes which I thought would be sweet but it had a sweet fishy flavour.

We ordered Prawn balls for entree…

It was good but would try something else next time.  For the mains we ordered Gal-bi (beef spareribs) and Nak-ji-bo-keum (stirfried baby octopus).
















Yum! Hubs found the baby octopus spicy (he was sweating) but I thought it was just right (my chili-tolerance is really high, mind you). We didn’t go for dessert (not sure if they had some anyway) as we were really full. All in all a really good dinner and would definitely come back for more.


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