Cookies… (Chocolate Crinkles and Mexican Wedding Cookies)

17 Feb

It was my turn to host our weekly Mummy Meet and although I could have easily bought some TimTams, I used this event as an excuse to bake (not that you need any really!).  I thought cookies would be easy to make and easy for the mummies to eat (while handling a crying baby)…

I remember my first crinkle.. it was from an eatery right outside my College – Hungry Pac. They sell burgers and..uhmmm crinkles! When I started working (back in Filo land) I learnt that they actually have some sort of “following” as people from my office actually know about it and do trips to Mendiola just to get them. And then… later on I saw that they started doing stalls in malls i.e Glorietta Foodcourt! Anyhooo….

I first decided to make these when I joined the bake club at work. I thought go “ethnic” so they have no point of comparison! (hehe!) Well, they’re not really a Filipino recipe (American I think) but they’re not known to Australians. So off I went and with the aid of my friend google.. found this recipe online

They were a hit! And the continue to be!!! I think me and crinkles will be spending a lot of time together!

I had Mexican Wedding Cookies at my Spanish Class’ end of term party. One of my classmates brought them over and I fell in love!

I know.. I know they’re supposed to be round like balls.. but I wanted to use my polvoron shaper – so there!

And it seems like I can’t do URL links.. hmmm.. better work on my techknowledge (for now… just copy and paste! sorry)



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