Bottled Tuyo

11 Mar

Ahhh… Tuyo! (salted dried herring)

I have a love-hate relationship with tuyo. I love eating tuyo (not just for breakfast – with eggs and garlicky fried rice) but in pastas and salads as well.. but at the same time I hate how it makes the whole house stink!!! (I do have a small house).

Now I found a solution to this dilemma. No.. I don’t douse the whole house in air freshener.. and I didn’t knock the kitchen wall either for better ventilation. What I do is make tuyo sardines!

This is not an original concept as I remember seeing someone doing this on TV ages ago (think early 90s) on (I think) a show featuring celebrities doing their favourite/signature recipes. Well, what they did is cook a big batch of tuyo, fry an equally  big batch of  chopped garlic – place in a jar and then pour in some olive oil. Voila tuyo sardines!

bottled heaven =)

I added some dried chili on my version and made it Edward-proof (vampire from Twilight… nevermind!).

So… your house would still stink… but not as often as your tuyo craving! You can also use your tuyo for your pasta (mix shredded tuyo with sundried tomatoes and some shredded basil) or make some fried rice – which is what I did below (day old rice, eggs and some coriander).

Ahhh… the possibilities are endless! Hmmm… okay maybe you can’t use it on cakes! Whatever! You get my drift!!!


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