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My baby is 8 months old *yay!* *sob*

19 May

Mixed feelings…

On one hand I’m happy that my daughter is growing up – learning new tricks and getting funnier everyday, but does it have to happen so fast!?!

I remember the day she was born… (22 hours of labour, how could you not?!) so tiny (uhmmm.. at 9.4 lbs) and now she’s standing up and trying her hardest (with the cutest determined face) to walk. Oh gawd! Melts my heart!

We make it a point to celebrate each month (a good excuse for me to bake) so for this month I made a chocolate sponge cake with loads of strawberries and whipped cream as filling.

Chocolate Sponge Cake with Strawberries and Cream

Okay, so I know she can’t eat it yet… but I’m sure she appreciates it =)


Pan de sal

4 May

For me, nothing beats freshly made pan de sal smell in the morning!

homemade pan de sal