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12 Sep

…. of delicious sinful aligue! hay!



8 Sep

Time has indeed flown…

I was just thinking about putting up a photo of my daughter’s 11 month cake.. and now we’ve already celebrated her first birthday. Well, she isn’t one yet but we had the party early as unfortunately hubs has a tradeshow to attend to for work the day of her birthday.

So here’s a photo of her 11 month birthday cake. I made a white mud chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting. On top is a “practice” bear and flowers.

And then just a few weeks later, we’re already celebrating her first birthday party! It was a whirlwind of pink… pink streamers… pink balloons… pink plates… pink everything. I never thought I could get pinked out!

I never really thought I could pull it off… as I don’t have my family here in Melbourne. I had to do everything on my own (with hubs help of course!) good thing my aunt decided to fly out from interstate to help with the cooking and preparations – otherwise, our guests would have walked out due to starvation.

So after a few weeks of driving around Melbourne collecting pink everything… here’s the finished product : My daughter’s pink dessert table.

And here’s the cake that I made on her actual birthday…