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What’s been happening…

22 Mar


I’ve quit my job to become a stay at home mum and was actually looking forward to blogging more often (ha!) which obviously hasn’t happened.

I’ve been a bit sad lately as the opportunity to meet someone that I’ve been looking forward to spending time with has been taken away from me. I haven’t told anyone (and am not planning on doing so) as I don’t really deal well with loss and grief. Anyways.. enough about that. I just needed to let it out.

I just finished a cake decorating class (we made a simple wedding cake) and have been baking nonstop this month for hubs birthday and my bub’s monthly birthday. Should (and will) post photos soon.

And have also been going to the city a lot – actually been eating out a lot more now that I don’t have a job! So will share those experiences as well.

How’s life been treating you at the moment? Hope everything is coming up roses (is that the right saying.. well you know what I mean!)