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Easter Cupcakes

10 Apr

I don’t normally do anything during Easter apart from going to Mass and stuffing my face with chocolates, but this year I thought I’d make cupcakes for my little girl (and the not so little man who will definitely benefit more from this project). 

I searched online for inspirations and chocolate Easter egg cupcakes seem like the best (and easiest) choice. Some featured nests made out of dried coconut shavings which looked really great except I’m not a fan of dried coconut. So I went for the grass icing route.

It’s pretty easy to make, I just made regular vanilla cupcakes but… instead of keeping it plain, I pushed a chocolate egg in the middle. Image

To decorate I used this buttercream recipe http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Buttercream-Icing which I added a few drops of green food colouring to. Then I used a 233 icing tip to ice the cupcakes before placing the candy coated chocolate on top.

But wait there’s more… I also made sugar bunnies from a mixture of fondant and molding paste (50/50) to adorn my Easter cuppies.


Here’s the finished product :


My little girl surely loved them 😉



Happy Halloween

1 Nov

Happy Halloween

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, but here in Melbourne it’s still a holiday because of Melbourne Cup (Horse Racing.. ). How I wish we Halloween is big here, any excuse to put my daughter in a costume! haha!
Although I must say that I was surprised to find trick or treaters on our front door last night!
Anyhoo… I made some mummy cuppies to celebrate this holiday!


8 Sep

Time has indeed flown…

I was just thinking about putting up a photo of my daughter’s 11 month cake.. and now we’ve already celebrated her first birthday. Well, she isn’t one yet but we had the party early as unfortunately hubs has a tradeshow to attend to for work the day of her birthday.

So here’s a photo of her 11 month birthday cake. I made a white mud chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting. On top is a “practice” bear and flowers.

And then just a few weeks later, we’re already celebrating her first birthday party! It was a whirlwind of pink… pink streamers… pink balloons… pink plates… pink everything. I never thought I could get pinked out!

I never really thought I could pull it off… as I don’t have my family here in Melbourne. I had to do everything on my own (with hubs help of course!) good thing my aunt decided to fly out from interstate to help with the cooking and preparations – otherwise, our guests would have walked out due to starvation.

So after a few weeks of driving around Melbourne collecting pink everything… here’s the finished product : My daughter’s pink dessert table.

And here’s the cake that I made on her actual birthday…

So far…

19 Jul

I’m bad at blogging.. coz I forget to take photos, when I do I’m too lazy to upload and when I have it’s already too late. Then there’s the case of actually turning the computer on.. hehe! Yes, I’m so lazy that I can’t be bothered to literally turn the laptop on.

So what have I been up to so far?

Well… a few weeks ago  I went to a fondant decorating course. I’ve never used fondant and thought a short course could teach me the basics and I can take off from there. Here’s a photo of my finished cupcakes :

We just celebrated my little girl’s 10th month.. time surely flies.  So I made some triple choc cake pops (choc cake covered in white choc and then drizzled with dark choc).

So they’re not photogenic.. (I didn’t wait for it to set coz patience is something that I still need to develop) but damn were they yummy! Head over to this website for more awesome ideas http://www.bakerella.com/category/pops-bites/cake-pops/.

New Toy

8 Jul

I’ve been eyeing this baby for a while now and because I’ve always wanted a KitchenAid thought I’ll hold off as you can buy an ice cream maker attachment for it.. but then lo and behold it went on sale!!! Couldn’t resist… (eventhough it’s freezing winter here in Melbourne)

Bought the boring white one as I want it to match with our little b&w kitchen.. okay I’m safe and dull! The red did look good but I was too chicken to buy something so loud. Blah!

I’ve washed the tub immediately after opening the box and is now “chillin'” in the freezer. I’ve scoured the web for recipes for my first go… I’m so excited!!!

Nine months

23 Jun

That’s how long I had my baby in my belly…

That was nine months ago…

My little girl is now nine months old! *sigh* How time flies…

My baby is 8 months old *yay!* *sob*

19 May

Mixed feelings…

On one hand I’m happy that my daughter is growing up – learning new tricks and getting funnier everyday, but does it have to happen so fast!?!

I remember the day she was born… (22 hours of labour, how could you not?!) so tiny (uhmmm.. at 9.4 lbs) and now she’s standing up and trying her hardest (with the cutest determined face) to walk. Oh gawd! Melts my heart!

We make it a point to celebrate each month (a good excuse for me to bake) so for this month I made a chocolate sponge cake with loads of strawberries and whipped cream as filling.

Chocolate Sponge Cake with Strawberries and Cream

Okay, so I know she can’t eat it yet… but I’m sure she appreciates it =)