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18 Jul

I’ve been seeing this burger joint pop up everytime I type Melbourne Burger on Google. See I’ve been on the hunt for a good burger place in Melbourne as, unfortunately, the mum and pop shops with their burger with the lot (bacon, beetroot and eggs..) just doesn’t do it for me.  So far only Grill’d has satisfied my burger cravings but as they say “variety is the spice of life..” and I sure like spices.

So one fine day, while my daughter was at daycare, hubs and I trooped down (well not really trooped down as I hung around while he did his chores i.e work until finally we made our lunch stop) to Collingwood to try the burgers that I’ve read so much about in cyberspace.

Hubs ordered the Theo – which had double patties and double cheese (of course!)


while I had the Denise – jalapeno and sriracha mayo (I did say I like spicy!)Image

both with a side order of chipotle fries =)

I must say after one bite.. I was in love! It was really worth the fuss.. no wonder there was a long queue to order. The patty was thick and juicy and cooked just right – it was really packed with flavour. And the melted cheese.. ahh.. was almost liquidy but the sides were crisp, almost like a cheese flavoured chip. The burger was a good size and they put in just enough filling so that nothing falls off while you eat it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

It was certainly worth the trek to the other side of the city.. and yes, I would definitely go back again. Details for Huxtaburger can be found here http://www.huxtaburger.com.au/


Jones the Grocer and Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

2 Apr

My daughter and I went for a walk the other day..(well it’s more me walking and her sleeping in her pram) I thought I could get some exercise and do some shopping along the way so we headed to Chadstone.  I told hubs to pick us up on his way home and maybe we can grab a bite to save me from cooking dinner (grand idea! hehe!).  We never really eat at our local area (except for his birthday when we decided to go Afghan – apparently the best one is within walking distance from our house) so we thought we’d explore outside the foodcourt this time.

We decided to go to Jones the Grocer as the place has enough space for our pram.. Hubs had  the burger (which he described as “cute”) and I had the rockling fillet with chips.


I was happy with my choice… hubs was too (with my choice!) haha! As I’ve said he described his burger as cute. If you love food like me, you’ll love that you’re surrounded by amazing ingredients (like pasta sauces, tea, cheese etc..). I read reviews about the place and sadly I have to agree as one waitress was particularly surly.. =(

We went to the next shop for dessert – Theobrobrama Chocolate Lounge where I had iced milk chocolate and hubs had the affogato.

I haven’t had chocolate for a long time and it was heaven! So yum in fact that my little princess couldn’t help herself..


Kimchi Grandma

14 Feb

Valentines Day…

We’re not much of a Valentine couple – as in we do go out and try to do something but we don’t go overboard (doesn’t need to be a fancy dinner or lavish gifts) although I must say hubs has been very good with the flowers since we’ve been together… hehe!

This V day wasn’t much different. We didn’t book anything (we weren’t actually planning on going out) but hubs came home and decided that we should. So off we trooped with new daughter in tow and drove around our area – no such luck! Went to Carnegie and remembered wanting to eat at Kimchi Grandma but have been turned down several times as they were always full. I’ve been to the one in the CBD several times (which has now closed down) and have been told that Carnegie is their flagship branch.

As luck would have it (we had cupid on our side) we immediately got a table. Hubs wanted to order his usual Korean fare of Seafood Pancake and Bibimbap but I said we should have something different – it’s Valentines afterall!

I’ve been told that a good Korean restaurant provides 3 or more side dishes and that you can see the restaurant’s quality based on how good the side dishes are..

I dunno what each one is called (apart from the Kimchi) but they were all yummy. I specially love the potatoes which I thought would be sweet but it had a sweet fishy flavour.

We ordered Prawn balls for entree…

It was good but would try something else next time.  For the mains we ordered Gal-bi (beef spareribs) and Nak-ji-bo-keum (stirfried baby octopus).
















Yum! Hubs found the baby octopus spicy (he was sweating) but I thought it was just right (my chili-tolerance is really high, mind you). We didn’t go for dessert (not sure if they had some anyway) as we were really full. All in all a really good dinner and would definitely come back for more.